Friday, July 22, 2016

Singapore: Beer Festival-ing Time!

You would have thought that we planned our entire trip to end up here, with Adam's love of (and desperate missing while living in the Middle East) all things good beer. Alas, but pure coincidence and sheer luck, we ended up in Singapore at that same time as the year's largest beer festival on the continent. Adam's glee was palpable. As was Josh's.

Of course we were FIRST in line for tickets!

Waiting for opening

Meet Ivan. He is the owner of the 1925 Microbrewery and Restaurant.
Ivan is awesome.
Ivan's beer is awesome.
Ivan's restaurant is awesome.
You should go meet Ivan if you are ever in Singapore.
Great people, great beers, and great food. What more could you possibly want?

We stumbled upon the restaurant on our first afternoon in Singapore, starving from traveling. It was conveniently located around the corner from our AirBnb apartment. Interestingly enough, many of their beer taps, on that day, were dry...much to Adam's dismay. But then they explained that they were building up and conserving supply for this BeerFest (thus how we found out about it). They are a MICRObrewery after-all.

We started here, and ended here. We LOVED this brewery! And ate at their restaurant in the city.

I was very excited when I saw ginger beer, and the promo guy let me borrow his hat!

One of my favorites!!!

Adam's kind of hand bag!

So whiskey and beer cocktails are also tasty. There was a distillery all the way from Kentucky!

Mead!!!! It was a very delicious one at that. Try it if you ever see this brand!

View across the Marina bay

Adam made a friend

Oh...the entertainment was fun to watch!

Yep, this was ALSO very delicious

Beer pong? Pool? Why yes, this IS the best festival ever!

I sucked at darts for more than a few rounds...

Boys + beer = Happy boys

And of course there was soccer to be watched!

And that brings the end to our Bali and Singapore journey. It was a wonderful trip.
Please enjoy the picture below of me pushing Adam through the airport on a luggage trolley.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Singapore: Botanical Gardens

This is a very singular post, mostly so you can love it if you love flowers and skip it if you could care less. Adam and Josh thought I was a tad insane with how many pictures that I was taking, and how much I was enjoying the flowers. That and they were kind of dying from the heat and humidity, but I thought that it was a beautiful day!

In my defense, Abu Dhabi has made places like this seem like technicolor to me. Cerulean blue skies, plants and trees of various shades of green, and just flowers in general. I don't have these things in the Middle East. I miss it. I love it when I am in it. I miss nature. I really miss nature.

Sign posted every 10 ft in the Metro. NO DURIAN!

Lizard friend

Quality sun bathing location